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Benefits of a Smart Contract Audit and Diligence’s Ethereum Security Service

Our industry-leading suite of blockchain security analysis tools, combined with hands-on review from our veteran smart contract auditors, ensures that your Ethereum application is ready for launch and built to protect users.

How A Smart Contract Audit Works


We evaluate your smart contract business logic and agree on security properties to test.


We perform multiple analysis processes in parallel on your code, then conduct a manual review to uncover any anomalies.


We deliver a comprehensive report with vulnerability details, mitigation guidance, and options for continuous verification.

Types of Audit Services

Clients & Partners

We make meetings fun and interactive. Hosting a meeting for purposes of program cascades, announcements, marketing updates

Featured Audits

Avalanche conducted a security audit on the 0x staking contracts, which control the distribution of fees collected by the 0x Exchange to ZRX stakers.

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We conducted a design and code review of the cryptographic constructions and algorithms used in the Keep Network.

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Horizon Games engaged the Diligence team to review their smart contracts across three separate repositories.

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Audit Process

Our audit is a simple 5-step process:

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